VA Ready Scholar Interview Strategy Guide

You've earned your credential, applied for jobs, and now you have an interview — congrats! Are you ready for the big day? Our friends at Lenore Coaching have put together a resume resource guide exclusively for VA Ready Scholars to help you ace your next interview. Download it to learn more about:

    • Developing your confidence
    • Researching and preparing for your interview
    • Utilizing the S.T.A.R. technique
    • Showcasing your personal brand
    • And more!


Want to learn more about the winning interview strategy with Lenore Coaching? Check out this video recording of a recent webinar workshop event we hosted for VA Ready Scholars!


Don't forget to mention your VA Ready Scholar status on your resume! Our business partners are excited to hire VA Ready Scholars — make sure they know you're one as soon as your application comes in. Download our VA Ready Scholar resume template (complete with a special Scholar badge) here.


This guide is just one of the many free career readiness resources available through Lenore Coaching — visit their resource center for guides, eCourses, and videos on topics like resume writing, interviewing, the job search, career development, networking, personal branding, and more.

Need more personalized help? Check the back of the Interview Strategy Guide for a special offer on Lenore Coaching's interview prep services exclusively for VA Ready Scholars! They're also available to help with a variety of professional development topics for any stage of your job search or career. Email Lenore Coaching here to talk more.

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